100% Mohair Vaquero Style Mane Hair Girth/Cinch w/Shu-Fly - Black/Sorrel- 32"

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Brand new,  Jose Ortiz - Vaquero Brand - 100% Mane Hair Cinch/Cincha made in the Vaquero style with shu-fly.    This cinch is 32" long end to end, single layer 27 strands and 7" wide at the widest point.  Hand made from 100% natural mane hair in black, chestnut, sorrel, black and white candy stripe colors.   Accented by a large three-color center diamond and accent on each end.   Nylon reinforced martingale attachment rings and heavyweight buckles at both ends.  

Mane hair cinches have little or no stretch and may measures slightly different +/-  .5 inch than the stated measurement, measured buckle end to buckle end.  Please note that mane hair cinches will initially have a break in period where they are prickly and are designed to be broken in while the horse is in winter coat.   As the horses loose hair impacts into the cinch, the cinch will become smooth next to the horses body, you can even take a little hair off your shedding blade or curry comb to add a little extra padding until the prickles wear off.  

Handmade by Jose Ortiz, Vaquero Brand - Tecate, CA/Mexico



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