5/8" Golden Bridle Leather Split Reins with Custom Rawhide Braiding - 7 ft.

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5/8" wide x 7' long light oil golden bridle leather split reins.   Custom hand braided rawhide in black/white and brown.    This is a super nice pair of reins from older stock that was discovered in our back room when we moved our shop.   These were a custom order, however, when they were fabricated the color of the rawhide braided portion and the rest of the rein was slightly different as shown in the photos.  The reins were remade for the customer, however, we still have this perfectly nice pair of reins needing a new home.   Oil it darker or leave as is...top quality pair of reins, two ply and stitched the entire length of the rein.   Was priced at $225.00, now priced right for quick sale.

Made by CE Western Tack, Chula Vista, CA (Now Retired)




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