5/8" Traditional Horse Hair Square Braid Lead Rope with Loop End - Dark Brown

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We have acquired a few traditional style 100% horse hair lead ropes.  These are all made from hand braided horse hair.   4 pre-twisted strands in a simple square braid style.  This one uses pre-twisted strands of mane hair so is tighter and has a more square feel and shorter, softer prickly ends than the other horse hair leads listed in our store.  Braided with a loop on one end and turks head knot on the other.  No additional hardware is included.    They measure approximately 5/8" wide and 10' + long.  Can be used as a simple lead or get down rope.  These can also be tied and looped through a pair of slobber straps and used as a loop roping rein.  This pair is dark brown and white.

Imported by Traditional Rawhide Braiders, Ft. Worth, TX





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