Bob Avila Limited Edition Private Collection Bit #11 Spade - Edition #40 of 50

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The Bob Avila Private Collection Bit by Professionals Choice #11.  Limited Edition size of just 50 bits.  Spade, 4" Port, 5" Mouth and 9" Cheeks.  This one is numbered 40/50.  Comes in its own drawstring bag.

Bob Avila says "This bit is a special one out of our collection. It is a replica of a bit that belonged to my late step father Hank Aldrich. Hank was a big influence on my life and my career with horses. Hank had quite a past being one of the early PRCA “Turtles” as well as being one of the founding members of the American Quarter Horse Association. Hank was a true horseman in every sense of the word and this bit represents a piece of history to me and my family."

Port: 4” Mouth: 5”, Cheek: 9”

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