Brand New Parelli Snaffle Bridle Set - Jeremiah Watt Snaffle Bit - Item #3

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Item #3 - Brand New Parelli Natural Horsemanship Snaffle Bridle Set - Includes 5 1/4" Jeremiah Watt sweet iron loose ring snaffle bit ($70 on its own), 22' Parelli Horseman's Reins, Natural West Headstall with matching rein leathers (slobber straps) and a bit hobble (chin strap).  This one is medium russet leather with latigo leather lining.

This bridle is brand new and was part of the estate of a Parelli representative's trade show gear.  All items are older but brand new and never on a horse.  I have a few of these so I'm giving each one a number to identify it, this one is #3.

Description from Parelli catalog:  Not too thick or too thin, the snaffle bit at the center of this bridle is a versatile communication tool thanks to its loose rings swing and pinchless design.  The 22' Horseman's Reins (mecate reins) are the do-it-all tool.  You can ride with the 8' loop reins they form, or get down on the ground and to groundwork with the lead.  Specially weighted Rein Leathers (slobber straps) act as the hinge between the bit and your hands and allow for soft subtle communication as your skills progress.  The Natural West Bridle features an eye-catching two-tone design of harness leather with overlay and tied bit ends.  Solid Brass Hardware.

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