Circle Y Basin Treeless Trail Saddle 16.5 inch, Walnut

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Circle Y Treeless Trail Saddle.  The treeless option is great for close contact western riding or a hard to fit horse.    Structure is provided with a wood swell and cantle to secure the saddle from rolling and the lack of bars allows for flexibility to conform to your horse’s unique conformation.  Designed with features attractive to trail riders such as leather covered stirrups, long saddle strings for securing all your gear and some engraved Horseshoe Brand slotted conchos to dress it up. 

Discontinued model: 1301-1651-05, Mfg. 10/26/2016

Specifications Color: Walnut

Tree: Wide

Silver: Engraved Stainless

Swell Width: 12 1/2"

Cantle Height: 4"

Horn Size: 3"

Skirt Size: 13"D x 24"L

Weight: 26 lbs.

Serial:  20166377

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