Shady Rider Safety Helmet Cowboy Hat - Natural Straw Brim, Leather Band Conchos & Whip Stitching

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Part Helmet, Part Cowboy Hat, All Cool.  Stay Shady, Stay Safe. Every Ride, Every Time.  Shady Rider Equestrian Helmets. 

Shady Rider helmets are created with Troxel Helmets as a base and top quality name brand cowboy hats for the brim. 

This is a sample of a previous creation that was meticulously fabricated with the Grey Petal Troxel Helmet in a Size Medium.   Custom made with complementing leather hatband with conchos.  Leather bound rim with contrasting whip stitching.  The brim is permanently attached to the helmet and is not removable.  

Not the color or style you are looking for?  The owner and artist/craftsmen at Shady Rider Helmets can create the perfect helmet for you.  You love a different brand/style of helmet, she can use your helmet and update it with a Shady Rider brim.  You have a cowboy hat you would like to use...of course, Gretchen can use most cowboy hats for your new Shady Rider Helmet.  

Because most Shady Rider Helmets are customized to the owners specific tastes, most are one-of-a-kind creations.

Need more information, contact or call Gretchen Peckham at Shady Rider Helmets at or call (951) 763-4249.


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