Custom 15" McCormack Hill Avalon Vaquero Style Saddle

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This saddle was custom built by Julia McCormack of McCormack Hill Leather in Idaho.   It's a classic vaquero-style 3B with a 3/4 spider rig and all bronze/brass hardware. Reminiscent of the island of Catalina in California, it has simple tooling with cut line borders and datura blossoms, and custom conchos made from abalone shell.  This saddle was designed for horses with a round flat back and will not slide from side to side like a factory made saddle.  The seat was layered and hand ground to the perfect shape to be completely comfortable and put you in the proper position without padding.  

If you ride a wide flat backed horse then this saddle is for you.  Look up McCormack Hill Leather and Julia McCormack for more detailed information on this saddle or drop me a note and I can forward all the details of the build.

Custom, handmade wood/rawhide tree from Harry Mari

3-1/2" fork
4-1/2" Taylor cantle, 40 degrees and 1" dish
3/4 single "spider" ring rigging
All-leather ground seat
Bronze hardware from Herb Bork
Hermann Oak skirting, Big Horn latigo
Weight fully loaded 30 lbs

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