Jeremiah Watt Arena Classic Bit - AC1100 w/11c Cricket Frog Mouth - 5"

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AC-1300 Horse Bit with added Concho! - length is 7 7/8"- 5" frog mouth with copper roller.  All stainless cheeks with assorted floral and geometric design motifs, are combined with sweet iron mouthpieces each of which are meticulously inlaid with copper. This line of horse bits appears to be silver mounted from only a short distance away. Each cheek is designed in such a way that the cheeks find a natural balance in the rider’s hand, sending a clear soft signal to the horse. Our cheek designs evoke a time in old west history when class and style were of paramount importance. These cheek designs lend strongly from the best of the old bit-makers of California from days gone by. Ranchers, buckaroos and common cowhands of the great plains are all using our horse bits and strongly endorse them.

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