Jose Ortiz 3/8" Angora Mohair Mecate Rope Reins 22' - White, Black, Rust/White

Vaquero Brand - Jose OritzSKU: 402305415253

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Jose Ortiz hand twisted mohair mecate rope - 3/8", 6 strand, 22' mecate rope made from tightly wound strands of white, black and rusty brown & white color mohair.  This one has a knot with a turks head knot on one end and a 6" leather popper on the other.  The Angora rope is made from the fiber of a mature Angora goat, the feel is somewhere in between kid mohair and mane hair.   There are ends that will break off, but (unlike mane hair) they are soft enough for most riders to ride without gloves during the break in period.


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