Jose Ortiz 5/8" 12 Plait Natural Rawhide w/Latigo Details Bosal - Round Knot

Vaquero BrandSKU: V1000-58-12

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Jose Ortiz 5/8" hand-braided natural rawhide bosal with burgundy latigo detail and traditional round shaped knot with a space between the cheek pieces.  This bosal has 12 plait cheeks over a flexible all rawhide core.   Noseband measures 1" wide at the thickest point.  The entire bosal measures 11" from the inside of the noseband to the top of the round knot and 5" wide measured between the hanger knots.    

Please note:  As with all natural rawhide products, color variations within the product are normal.

Made by Jose Ortiz-Vaquero Brand, Tecate, CA



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