Jose Ortiz 5/8" Mane Hair Roping Reins 6 x 8.5 ft. -Sorrel, White, Chestnut, Blk

Vaquero Brand - Jose OritzSKU: 402780097755

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Jose Ortiz handmade mane hair roping/loop reins - 5/8", 6 strand, 8.5 foot length roping loop reins made from a combination of 6 tightly wound strands of  sorrel (lt. chestnut), white, chestnut and black & white natural mane hair.  Turks head knots with loop at bit ends, replaceable rawhide connectors are included.   Great for trail riders too. 

Please note:  Due to the nature of natural horsehair, rawhide and leather products, color variations within the product are normal and may vary slightly from the item shown.

Handmade by Jose Ortiz, Vaquero Brand, Tecate, CA/MEX



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