Jose Ortiz 5/8" Mane Hair Split Reins 8 ft - Chestnut, Black, White & Black

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Jose Ortiz hand made mane hair split reins - 5/8", 6 strand, 8 foot long rope made from tightly wound strands of Chestnut & Black, White and Black mane hair.  Replaceable hand braided rawhide connectors at bit ends and light russet poppers at rein ends.  Mane hair reins do have prickly ends that will break off and become smooth with use.  Slightly raised strands ensure a good grip.  Note:  Tape on bit ends is only to keep the rein ends tidy for shipping and can be removed prior to use.

Handmade by Jose Ortiz, Vaquero Brand, Tecate, CA/MEX


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