Jose Ortiz Dark Oil Natural Rawhide Knot Black Tassel Curb Strap Buckles

Jose Ortiz - Vaquero BrandSKU: V500-DO-NAT-BLACK

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Jose Ortiz handmade 1/2" dark chocolate leather curb strap with tightly braided natural rawhide knot and black mane horsehair tassel.  9" in length and attaches with stainless steel buckle bit attachments.   Works great with snaffle bits.  Could also be used as a unique tie down keeper when attached to the center chest ring of your breast collar.  Coordinating tack available.

Please note:  As with all natural rawhide products, slight color variations within the product are normal and may vary from the item shown.

Made and marked by Jose Ortiz, Vaquero Brand, Tecate, CA/Mexico 


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