Rocking Y Cowboy Dark Brown Brindle Hair-On Leather Spur Straps -Brass, Large #D

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Cowboy Style Hair-On Cowhide Shaped Spur Straps.  Hair-on cowhide with dark brown brindle coloring with stainless steel spots.  Soft distressed leather lining and dark brown straps.  Brass buckles.  Large/Men's size, adjusts up to 9" long button to button measured on the boot side (inside) and adjustable with the double stainless steel buckles up to 3 1/2" smaller.  

Please note: As with all natural rawhide and leather productions, color variation within the product are normal and may vary slightly from photo shown.

Made by Rocking Y Saddlery, Ashland, Montana

 Color Combination #D




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