T3 Woven Pad with Woolback Liner and Ortho-Impact Protection Inserts

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He may not be a linebacker, but he deserves to be protected like one. The technology used to protect NFL players is now available to protect your horse. Introducing Toklat's T3 Performance Pads with Superior Impact Protection.

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Features include:

  • Full length inserts that cushion, protect, and absorb up to 90% of the energy transferred between horse and rider.
  • Tightly woven wool saddle blanket encases T3 inserts.
  • Compression-resistant orthopedic grade black polyester felt lining.
  • Lining cut-outs for optimal contouring to the horse's withers and spine.
  • Correctly placed insert cut-out for close-contact leg position.
  • Ergonomic design for maximum freedom of movement.
  • Hardy genuine black wear leathers.
  • 34"L x 38"W
  • CARE: Inserts are NOT removable. Brush, hose, hang dry.

    What this means for your horse:

    • A noticeably more comfortable back and rounded top line
    • Aids in maintaining a healthy back

    What this means for you:

    • A more secure seat and less bouncing in the saddle
    • Less stress on back, knees, and ankles

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