Tie Ease Quick Knotless Horse Safety Tie - Set of Two

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Anytime you tie your horse with a knot you’re taking a chance that he might pull back and cause injury to himself, people and property damage. This handy, patented, pocket-sized product is faster, easier and safer then tying a knot. A slight upward thumb pressure at the arrow opens it and is closed by a one hand pinch between the thumb and forefinger. Place the rope through the round hole and attach it at the desired tying distance.  Choose any tie site.

With twelve different pressure clicks, choose the one that makes the pullback most difficult. Instant relief is given only when he stops pulling...usually within a few steps.  A slight lifting pressure on the tab is a quick release. 

To tie “hard and fast” without tying a knot, place the end of the rope through the opening between the two ropes and the device. All pressure is now on rope and tie site making untying fast and easy. This method can be used to tie anything, even pulling a truck,  where untying a knot could be an issue.

Tie Ease is faster, easier and safer then tying your horse with a knot, in fact, it could save his life.

Works with stiff and cotton ropes from 1/4” to 3/4”.

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